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🏗 CEO at EquityList 
A full-stack, cross-border equity management platform for startups across India/SEA/US, from AngelList India. Head over to EquityList.

☁️  Founder at Cloud Capital (early-stage VC) & Angel Investor

Cloud Capital focuses on early-stage venture capital opportunities. We have backed the likes of Airmeet, Rupifi, Orange Health, OneCode, FrontRow, Range, Cents, Lysto, and others.

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✌️ Venture Hacker at AngelList India (earlier)
I headed investor relations at AngelList India - the largest & the most quality-active network of accredited investors. Reach out if you're looking to start off your angel investing journey, maybe I can help :)

⏳ Founding Member at SquadStack (earlier)
Worn multiple hats- b2b sales lead, demand gen, product marketing, and talent ops. Happy to share my experience!

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Listing out my publicly announced investments. In case you'd like access to my deal-flow, then feel free to back my Cloud Capital syndicate here.

How can I help? Think of me as an additional resource in your team. Fundraising: Strategy, deck creation, preparing memos | Business Development + Sales: Bridging relevant industry connects, strategizing, demand generation engines | Content Marketing + PR: Working on content, helping with media relations

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Kashish and I have known each other since I started investing with AngelList India. It has been a relationship where Kashish has been a go-to guy for anything I get stuck with. And with Rupifi's fund-raise, his support as Cloud Capital was exemplary. The best thing about him is responsiveness. He has always addressed all my queries in the quickest time and that, especially for a Founder raising money, is literally gold. Practical advice and strong network connections come obvious/naturally to him and make him a great partner to work with

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Kashish Sharma, CEO of EquityList on building Carta of India

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How AngelList makes its startup investments

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